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White-tailed kite over Napa Valley

January 16, 2012

Looking west across the Napa Valley I watched this white tailed kite hunting for a meal while I was out enjoying a hike through forest and across meadows.

White-tailed kite postcard

Postcard: White tailed kite over Napa Valley


Old Barn

January 15, 2012

The old barn near Safari West.

This is my postcard version of an old barn in Sonoma County along my walk to the ocean.

Two Projects for ’12

January 14, 2012

Looking at 2012, I have decided to do two things.  I am going to revisit my ocean walk on Earth Day, 22 April, starting earlier in order to allow myself more light at the other end.  I also hope to have my video of the first walk done by then.

In addition to this, I am making a postcard for every day of the year.  Here you can see one I have already done.  I’ll start with the Pacific Coast.Image 

Back on Track

October 1, 2011

I intend to complete my steps to the sea before the end of 2011. I will park in Guerneville, walk to the sea at Goat Rock, shoot photos or video, return to Guerneville and drive home. I must finish this.

0-40 in 6 Months

August 2, 2011

The original plan was something between 50 and 52 miles but ultimately I stopped short of that goal. I completed 40 miles in my Steps to the Sea quest. Nevertheless, I consider myself successful.

In February of this year I started exercising since my work and 84 mile commute had been suspended allowing me exercise at more normal hours. On the first I decided that my exercise would be walking.

This morning I realised as I sat meditating in the dark next to my sleeping family that only six months had passed since starting my walking regimen.

I had managed to go from 0 to 40 in 6 months. In another 6 months could I be certain of reaching the ocean? Yes, I believe so. Do I still need to? Of that, I am not certain. My next plan is to use my normal, daily walks to collect the litter along our community’s roads. A daily quest rather than some singular mission will occupy my exercise vision.

Darkness to Light

Take Your Own Steps

July 31, 2011

We are closer than we think to the land and sea yet they are bigger than we comprehend. Live consciously. Take your own steps.

Stepping up

St. Helena Center for Health

July 29, 2011

Several people have asked if they can support this walk by donating to a charity in my name.  The first time I got the question I hadn’t given the idea much thought but I would like to see my walk connected to education and health.  If there is more interest in making donations, I would point you to the St. Helena Center for Health.  It’s a facility focused on educating the community about healthy lifestyle choices.  (Link in sidebar and below.)
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I would also like to suggest donations to organisations dedicated to sustainable use of the resources of the Napa River watershed.  The Watershed Information Center and Conservancy of Napa County offers educational resources and volunteer opportunities connected to a wide variety of interests and emphases.  (Link in sidebar and below.)

Mt. St. Helena from Riparian Zone