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0-40 in 6 Months

August 2, 2011

The original plan was something between 50 and 52 miles but ultimately I stopped short of that goal. I completed 40 miles in my Steps to the Sea quest. Nevertheless, I consider myself successful.

In February of this year I started exercising since my work and 84 mile commute had been suspended allowing me exercise at more normal hours. On the first I decided that my exercise would be walking.

This morning I realised as I sat meditating in the dark next to my sleeping family that only six months had passed since starting my walking regimen.

I had managed to go from 0 to 40 in 6 months. In another 6 months could I be certain of reaching the ocean? Yes, I believe so. Do I still need to? Of that, I am not certain. My next plan is to use my normal, daily walks to collect the litter along our community’s roads. A daily quest rather than some singular mission will occupy my exercise vision.

Darkness to Light

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